6 Common Mistakes While Choosing A Web Host

6 Common Mistakes While Choosing A Web Host

6 Common Mistakes While Choosing A Web Host

Typically we learn from our own mistakes in one way or think about learning from other’s mistakes than doing it ourselves and then repent of them? On simple, while hosting your commercial website, you can’t afford to make a single mistake. Not only can an hour of downtime cost you a lot, but your online reputation can also be at stake

Reading reviews is a great way to help us see beyond appearances. Let’s do it, however, be safe…

  • The reliability of the source just consulted (it is not rare, in fact, that poor honest hosting providers create ad hoc accounts to fill the network with the false-positive testimonial.
  • The opinions that users have about customer service
  • The recorded frequency of downtime
  • The presence of complaints regarding security problems, viruses and the like

1. Expecting the Cheapest host and Free Web Host Solution

Having a free hosting service might be useful if you are running your blog/website as a hobby or a community group. However, it will probably come with banners and pop-up advertising, and search engines tend not to like free-service websites. Note that good free web hosting services are also available, but survival is a very tough market.

We are notoriously unreliable when it comes to pace, uptime, and availability and don’t expect any restitution if we fail or suffer from downtime because you haven’t paid for anything.

Expect to have the lowest support without advanced features such as free databases. You also risk losing reliability, particularly if you are hosting on a domain name such as your business.get-free-hosting.com instead of using a real domain name.

Generally, the bottom line is you get what you pay for and you don’t expect much if you paid zero. Web hosting doesn’t have to be expensive, essentially.

2. Choosing a web hosting package that provides no refund guarantee

This mistake may sound a little unreasonable after our first suggestion, but it’s actually true. You shouldn’t buy web hosting based on the price alone, because it’s not always a credible indicator of its performance. Always keep in mind that most of the prices you see online are available only if you pay for the whole year in advance.

With their start-up packages, certain web hosting companies do not provide a refund guarantee. In case you pick the wrong kit, choose one that provides a money-back guarantee.

A successful hosting company is willing to reimburse you or transfer you to a new package that suits your needs. After all, it’s in their interest to make sure you’re a happy customer even if you’re leaving them as you might return in the future if your circumstances change.

3. Not knowing your limitations level

Search for a company that will be able to scale your hosting package. You are likely to encounter limitations in your online shopping experience. Providers of web hosting impose limits on things that may be critical to your business needs. One example might be to restrict items for your e-commerce shop or how much room you can use for your website.

Make sure you check the terms and conditions for more detail, but there are common limits on personal file storage, as are rules on certain media types or streaming. These restrictions must be enforced by hosting companies to ensure that the service runs smoothly for all-especially on a shared server because of resources

Before signing up with one website hosting, try to ask some details.

  •       Maintain multiple POP accounts
  •       Add statistics to your account
  •       Use Secure Shell (SSH)
  •       Install new software on your own;
  •       Use a shopping cart on your website
  •       Number of items we listed on your e-commerce website
  •       Schedule a backup of your data plan

4.Sign up for a longer period of time

If you don’t have any previous experience with a web hosting company, don’t sign up for a year or two and pay in advance. In most cases, it’s very difficult to get your money back (through refunding), so if you pay for their long-term service in advance, you might waste more money on a bad web host. Don’t sign up for web hosts that don’t give you to pay at least monthly.

5.Not Sticking to the Basics of Buying over the Web

There are protocols that must be followed by every online buyer when dealing with vendors on the internet.

  •         Can you find the phone number you can call to, and is it easy to find it on the vendor’s website?
  •         Can you find customer reviews or third party web reviews of the host?
  •         Can you find the physical address of the business on the ‘Contact’ or ‘About Us’ page?
  •         Are you buying the service directly from the hosting company or from a third-party reseller?
  •         Do you find enough information about technical support and customer service on the website?
  •         Do you see a money-back guarantee on the website?

Some selected few tricks that we need to consider while re-evaluating your web host.

6.Not Paying Attention to Given Terms and Conditions

We all tend to ignore To S while signing up for any planned service or deal. Sometimes this practice may turn out to be fateful. Generally, hosting companies highlight some important points that they want you to read, not what you need to know to avoid future issues.

These are just a few of the most common mistakes we people make when choosing a web host, especially on choosing for the first time. Try to avoid these mistakes, you’ll be on your way to making a confident choice. Contact Nanites Media today for more information on web hosting or to browse our selection of dedicated server hosting plans.